VIDEO: GQ Names Colin Kaepernick “Citizen of the Year”

There’s been a lot of moving parts over the last four years since Colin Kaepernick was last seen on the cover of GQ Magazine. Back then, he was a seen as a gorgeous, promising quarterback that was on the rise. Shortly after that, a small and simple act – kneeling during the singing of the national anthem – changed his life and the course of football and politics. This action turned Kaepernick from a football quarterback to a symbol of activism.

GQ named Kaepernick as their “Citizen of the Year” while stating his protests cost him his job and this has led him into silent protesting.

Kaepernick has remained unsigned during his time as a free agent. Some teams have humored the idea to a degree, but nothing has been done to sign the player. Whether teams don’t have the budget, the need for that kind of depth, or the desire for a large amount of attention, negative and positive, Kaepernick has remained unsigned.

GQ is currently producing a piece in conjunction with Kaepernick and several other activists to offer insights into the issues that Kaepernick has been attempting to bring attention to.