UPDATE: Steelers Still Preparing For The Bengals

The shock waves that emanated from Mike Tomlin’s recent comments regarding the Steelers Week 15 game against the Patriots still pulse every now and then throughout the NFL and Pittsburgh. But we think it’s pretty safe to say that the Steelers are really focused on their upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

A few of the Steelers player have commented concerning Tomlin’s remarks and how they are still preparing themselves, mentally and physically, for their Week 13 opponent, despite what their head coach recently said.

And frankly, it’s a good idea for them to do so. Despite the fact that the Steelers have gone 15-2 in Cincinnati since 2002, they can’t afford to underestimate a team that can do a significant amount of damage such as the Bengals. In order for the Steelers to avoid a Vontaze Burflict situation, they’ll need to be fully focused and prepared for their task at hand.

The AFC North rivalries run very deep, and if there’s one team to get the Steelers’ attention before a big matchup with New England, it should be the every-hated Bengals. Folks shouldn’t be under the impression that Pittsburgh is taking Cincinnati lightly. They most definitely will not be doing that.