Le’Veon Bell Isn’t Backing From Joe Mixon Comments

Le’Veon Bell wasn’t too impressed when Bengals running back Joe Mixon made some comments concerning his actions in November.

Now that the Steelers and the Bengals will be meeting for round two, Bell has stated that he’s still confused by Mixon saying he could do “way more” than Bell if he was given enough carries in Week 7. Bell then said that Mixon has been mimicking his playing style, first-down celebration, and his game-day fashion.

When Joe Mixon was asked if he was mimicking Bell’s style, Mixon said that he wasn’t mimicking Bell at all but Adrian Peterson. Bell made a comment that doesn’t sound like he believes him.

“The week we played them last time, he had said certain things that he’s way better than me and things like that. The week after that, he’s trying to wear everything I’m wearing. That’s the only thing that’s kind of confusing to me. I’m kind of confused by the whole thing. It is what it is. He’s his own player, I’m my own player. We’ll go out there and do our thing.”

Bell rushed 35 times during the Steelers’ last game against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 22nd. Mixon had seven carries, none of which were in the second half, and said: “I feel like I can do way more than (Bell) did… I can’t showcase nothing if I don’t get the ball. There’s nothing else I can say.”

Bell was quick to react to Twitter when he watched Mixon play against the Indianapolis Colts the following week. He tweeted that the young rookie should “just change your number from 28 to 26 while you’re at it” after he saw that Mixon wore an offhand sleeve and a mismatched glove like Bell does.

Mixon simply stated later on that it’s “unfortunate” Bell feels that way and that he isn’t too worried about the way he feels or what he says.

It looks like both of these players have the incentive to produce some big-time games this coming Monday night in Cincinnati.