Wilson and Offensive Line Come Alive in 2nd Half

The 49ers kick a field goal during their opening possession of the second half against the Seahawks, making it a 1-point game. With that momentum, the 49ers could possibly make their way up and take out the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin must have read their minds. Wilson was able to evade the 49ers pressure set-up and threw a lofty pass that Baldwin nabbed with a leaping grab. The whole play saw action from Eddie Lacy, Tanner McEvoy, and ended with a touchdown from Nick Vannett, his first career touchdown in his two years.

Seattle’s defense had been a spectacle all night, it just took a while for the offense to wake up and realize what was going on and who they were playing. Pete Carroll talked a bit about the play that saw the 49ers come up with 1 point in the second half of the game.

“I thought that was the play that really kind of turned things,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said of Wilson’s third-down pass to Baldwin. “That sequence didn’t turn out great, and Russell was moving around again and found him, and those two guys hooked up with a beautiful play. That really was the spark in this game. Doug didn’t get the ball a lot today, but he made a key play that really kind of turned the momentum around for us.”

Said Wilson, “Doug Baldwin did great on that play. He did a good job of scrambling, getting open, made a great, great catch, and that was really the momentum starter for us in the third quarter.”

The connection that Wilson made with Baldwin for such a big play isn’t a rarity in the Seahawks highlight reel. With the way things were panning out earlier in the game, it was obvious that such a play was needed.

“The game was kind of marred by the drops,” Carroll said. “We had uncharacteristic drops for us, we might have missed four or five balls today. Other than that, I think we might have had a really solid game with continuity in it and all that. There’s really no excuse other than that the wind was blowing a little bit early in the game, but we should have done much better there.”

Whether it was the drops or a couple misses by Wilson, the offensive line was visibly struggling in the first half, but Wilson and the rest responded in a pretty big way in the second half.

“Sometimes you strike out the first at bat, but you keep coming back and keep swinging,” Wilson said. “I’m never one to stress or worry, I’m just going to keep believing in what we’re doing and how we’re going to do. (The interception) is on me, I can be a little sharper. The great thing was the defense stopped them right there, they didn’t get anything out of it, so we were able to come back and find ways to make plays, especially in the second half.”