UPDATE: Seahawks Still Waiting For Concussion Protocol Ruling

The NFL’s current investigation into the Seattle Seahawks issue with Russell Wilson’s concussion protocol has continued to drag on with no final ruling made.

The investigation is now going into its third week of existence and no one knows why it’s been going on for this long. According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the Seahawks are still waiting to hear back from the NFL on their inspection of the Wilson’s Thursday Night Football concussion situation. Funny enough, two other Seahawks players, Luke Willson and Shaquill Griffin, have been cleared in and out of the actual concussion protocol since the NFL initiated their investigation into the matter.

The investigation comes from a hit that Wilson took to the chin during the Seahawks Thursday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals. Wilson took the hit during the second half of the game courtesy of Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby. Wilson proceeded to go to the sideline, and instead of getting checked for a possible concussion, told the medical staff that he was fine and checked himself back into the game.

A bit later he was checked and cleared of having a concussion following the offensive possession. His jaw did have to be re-aligned, but that was also fine.

“It feels great now. My jaw finally feels good now. Yeah, it was a good week [before it felt normal again]. It was a good week probably,” he said on Thursday. “The first three days or four days were pretty tough and then it started feeling exponentially better. I’m good now. I can finally talk normal.”

With Wilson happy to be able to talk the same, the NFL has remained mum on the issue, specifically on the subject of punishment and if any will be brought down on Wilson or the team for not following the proper protocol. Much like any other NFL issue, it seems to be dragging out much longer than it should.