Seahawks Face Consequences After Omitting Concussion Protocol

The NFL is currently investigating how the Seattle Seahawks handled Russell Wilson after a potential head injury from Thursday nights ‘Color Rush’ game against the Arizona Cardinals. The actions made by the team in connection with the absence of implementing proper protocols will likely lead to some consequences, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Citing “a source close to the situation,” Schefter wrote that the Seahawks violated the NFL’s concussion protocol when they allowed Wilson to re-enter the game against Arizona before the quarterback had been taken back to the team’s locker room and being cleared by team doctors as well as an independent doctor.

The incident went down after referee Walt Anderson removed Wilson from the game to be examined after he took a hard hit to the chin from Karlos Dansby. Dansby was flagged for roughing the passer while Wilson was required to go through the proper protocol, which didn’t appear to happen.

Wilson was absent for the total of just one snap.

Schefter wrote that the NFL and NFL Players Association will investigate jointly, interviewing members of the organization in the coming days and coming to a decision within the next couple of weeks.

According to a spokesman for the league, no interviews have yet been conducted, so the NFL has not reached any solid conclusions as of yet.

By rule, the Seahawks could find themselves slapped with a $150,000 for violating the protocol, but it’s not quite clear yet how the team’s penalty will land on them. The league announced this last Friday that it would be opening an investigation into the incident.

Russell Wilson, upon later examination, did not appear to suffer from a brain injury during the play, however, that does not excuse the team from going through the appropriate steps and processes that have been prescribed for certain situations.