Cliff Avril Nominated For Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril apparently doesn’t necessarily have to be on the field with his teammates in order to make an impression. And it looks like the NFL has recognized that this year. Cliff Avril was nominated in 2016 as the Seahawks Man of the Year and is now following that up with yet another prestigious NFL award nomination.

Early Tuesday morning, the NFL announced that Cliff Avril had been nominated for the Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award. Tyler Lockett, wide receiver for the Seahawks, was the team’s nominee last year, but ultimately he didn’t win the award. Avril is usually a pretty good choice for any reward when it comes to the epitome of top-notch and class in the NFL. He has continued to do lots of good work for various communities including his own hometown of Jacksonville, Seattle, and also in Haiti.

Avril has continued his service in Haiti by building homes and schools along with hosting several charity events in Seattle and Jacksonville.

On the field, however, Avril has had a rough go, with a neck injury planting him on the Injured Reserve list and sidelining him since Week 4 of the regular season. He’s currently pledged to return to the football field at some point, despite his injury, but his status for the rest of 2017 still remains unknown and uncertain. He is making great use of his time off the field though as he continues to work and represent the NFL in terms of leadership and excellent sportsmanship.

The winner will be announced during the annual NFL Honors Award Show prior to Super Bowl LII, after being determined by a vote among current NFL players.