Ravens Consider Kaepernick, With Some Advice from Ray Lewis

Colin Kaepernick has long been an attention-getter in the NFL since his iconic moment of opposition during the National Anthem.

However, Kaepernick has moved on from that and has started his venture towards free agency, and a lot of teams want to see if they can put him amongst their ranks. Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, Terrell Suggs, voiced his own opinion on the matter.

“Hell yeah, if he’s going to help us win, we have no issues. Not in the locker room. Hell Yeah, we want him”

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Several other team leaders voiced their thoughts and agreed with Suggs. They think that Kaepernick would have a very warm welcome if he decided to become a Raven.

A couple of Ravens officials have mentioned that they are in direct contact with Kaepernick and they are eagerly awaiting to see if he considers their team.

Colin Kaepernick
Ga Fullner / Shutterstock.com

Joe Flacco, the star quarterback for the Ravens, stated that he would enjoy seeing Kaepernick come back as a starter possibly. This is good to hear from Flacco seeing as Kaepernick would be coming in as a quarterback. Other opinions say that Kaepernick would be an excellent addition to the team seeing as he would bring a more competitive aspect to the team which they could use in their practices and training.

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Now some may not like the idea of Kaepernick joining the Ravens, and he’s getting plenty of attention from other NFL teams as well, but whatever happens will be interesting.

Upon hearing the news of Kaepernick being up-for-grabs in his free agency, Ray Lewis, former Baltimore Ravens player, tried his best to give Kaepernick some advice via a Twitter video. In the video, Lewis says that he “applauds” Kaepernick for his accomplishments and his bravery but then tells the player to stay away from encouraging social activism while on the field.

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