Practicing with Holograms?

BALTIMORE –  Ravens players may face Ben Roethlisberger every practice, but as a holographic image. The Baltimore Ravens have contracted a small start-up company to provide holographic technology for players to practice against in the near future.

Mixed River is working on a platform that allows Ravens players to view holograms of their opponents as they practice and line up on the field using the Microsoft HoloLens. Additional equipment will allow the team to simulate plays on monitors so they can learn without having to line up on the field. This could help reduce the number of injuries caused during practice as well.

The firm signed a one-year deal with the Ravens, to test the program, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore Ravens, Joe Flacco – Action Sports Photography /

The Baltimore Ravens have noted that the technology provides a mixed reality, virtual reality and visual indicators, to train for the upcoming season’s competitors. Holograms seem to be the next step in advancing the technology boundary. NFL teams use different technologies to prepare for games against opponents. Other technology programs like holograms and virtual reality are being tested by NFL teams as well.

STRIVR, which was founded in 2015 at Stanford University and is used by the Dallas Cowboys and other NFL teams, provides players with virtual-reality headsets they use to see a 360-degree video shot from different vantage points.

New advances in technology are more present in the NFL. Although some are against it, take Bill Belichick smashing a Surface Pro, NFL teams are taking any steps possible to improve its team and prevent injuries. With the idea of holographic images and simulations of opponents appearing, more NFL teams might follow suit in changing the way they practice.

NFL players can expect a great change in the way they practice in the next 5-10 years. Perhaps next season, the NFL will experiment with something completely different.