Baltimore Raven John Urschel teaches Summer School

BALTIMORE, MD — Baltimore Raven John Urschel visited a Baltimore high school to share his love for math and science with Baltimore County students, making a difference off the football field.

Urschel spent a day at Dundalk High school teaching a STEM class about physics, math, science and other subjects to local students.

He’s promoting careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, better known by its acronym, STEM.

Baltimore Raven John Urschel has a passion for football and math. He earned his doctoral degree in math at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he has played four seasons as a lineman for the Ravens.

According to his MIT profile, Urschel is focused on spectral graph theory, numerical linear algebra, and machine learning. Numerous articles highlight his love for writing about different scientific theories and getting straight A’s at MIT.

In football, he plays the guard position as a lineman. Urschel applies physics in training as a football player. He is well known to promote his intellect in television commercials as seen below playing chess.

During the summer he has attended school and developed different campaigns to support careers in math and science. With the platform as an NFL player, Urschel understands the impact he can have on young kids and has been promoting education since before he was in the NFL.

“I enjoy math. I enjoy talking to young people and having an impact on young people mathematically. This is something I’m very passionate about,” said Urschel.

The Raven and Ph.D. math scholar joined forces with Texas Instruments for his visit to the summer math academy this year. 

Urschel is hoping his effort to promote careers and classes in STEM will get more students interested in school and pursuing higher education.

When Urschel retires from the NFL, he plans to teach math.