According to Carr, Lynch is taking over games

There were many that wanted to give up on Marshawn Lynch and with good reason. There were times when Lynch seemed to get hit in the backfield and tackled for a loss. Plenty of blame could be shifted over to the offensive line and that would be fair.

As of late, however, Lynch and the Raiders run game seemed to have picked it up. He scored two TDs against the Dolphins and since then has tallied 235 yards and an additional 2 TDs.

Against the Giants Lynch was able to get his first 100-yard game in a Raiders uniform and in doing so got some praise from his quarterback, Derek Carr.

We talk about it all the time — the run game is my best friend. Whenever we can just get that going and have the run game rolling like that — any quarterback loves that. If you can hand the ball, under four minutes, three times in a row and just get a first down, that’s a lot less pressure on the quarterback and the receivers. I don’t know a quarterback that wouldn’t want that.

Really, Marshawn is just taking over. Today he had 100 yards, which is awesome. Anytime you can do that, the ball is in your hands. Anytime you can run the ball efficiently, you’re moving the chain — so that just helps us in the pass-game element of it.

Part of the reason that Lynch has been so successful is because of the playcalling. The Raiders were quick to abandon the run game early in the season and lean on Carr and the receivers. The offense is at its best when the run and pass games are balanced and they set each other up.

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