WATCH: Jonathan Kraft to Eric Lee: The Bills Made a Mistake on You

Former Buffalo Bill and current New England Patriot defensive end Eric Lee is making a huge name for himself in just two weeks of play.

Lee has only played in the last two contests against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, but has had phenomenal performances in both games. Against his former team, Lee had 4 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and an interception.

After the 23-3 victory, the Patriots released a video on Twitter of their locker room celebration where Lee can be seen embracing team president Jonathan Kraft.

“I think they realize they made a mistake,” Kraft told Lee, referring to the Bills allowing him to slip out of their hands.


Bill Belichick has also been very impressed with Lee’s ability to make a quick transition and contribute on defense immediately.

“Well, he’s done the things that we’ve asked him to do and he’s done them at a pretty good level,” Belichick said during his Monday conference call. “I mean, he’s only been here a couple weeks, so there’s still a lot of things for him to learn and there are finer points on various plays that, when he seems them again, he’ll recognize them quicker or react a little bit differently.

“But, overall, he’s done a solid job for us in the things that he’s been asked to do. He was asked to do a little more yesterday than he was last week against Miami, so maybe that role will increase, maybe it will stay the same, maybe it will decrease a little bit depending on the game plan and so forth. We’ll just have to see how that goes, but the last two weeks, the opportunities he’s had, he’s given us some good plays and I’m glad we have him.”