Colin Cowherd Says Patriots Dynasty Is Based on Luck

“Number two, [Bill Belichick] just happens to draft and get lucky, by the way, he passed on him five times. Belichick gets Tom Brady, who wasn’t loved in the draft, who wasn’t loved at Michigan. The ultimate chip-on-the-shoulder quarterback. They align. What are the chances of the ultimate, brilliant coach with a chip on his shoulder alining after everybody in the league including the Patriots passed on him for five rounds getting the quarterback that’s got the best chip of his shoulder, the biggest ever?”

The third factor, according to Cowherd, was the dismal nature of the rest of the Patriots’ division. It could be true that nowhere else in the league has a single division seen so much dysfunction. The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins have all been relatively weak for the majority of the Patriots dominant era.

The final factor was the Patriots being an outdoor, cold weather team. He said that makes them unphased on the road because they’re used to inclement weather where teams like LA or New Orleans aren’t.


Perhaps Cowherd does employ some degree of reason. It’s true that no one could have predicted Tom Brady’s rise to become the best quarterback ever.

The draft selection and circumstances in which the QB was afforded an opportunity was perhaps a little lucky.

Still, the effort and strategy employed by Belichick, Robert Kraft, and others can’t be taken for granted. It may be rare to have such a willing and capable organization, but it doesn’t mean it’s lucky.

He is right about one thing. The Patriots unmatched dynasty will never be repeated again.

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