Colin Cowherd Says Patriots Dynasty Is Based on Luck

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Colin Cowherd is at it again.

The often outspoken FS1 radio host talked about the New England Patriots on Wednesday, making an extremely bold claim that a large part of the Patriots dynasty comes from pure luck.

Cowherd, on his show, outlined the era beginning with the hiring of Bill Belichick in 2000, extending through the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory a year ago and into the present season where the Pats are again one of the league’s best teams.

He specifically outlined four things that somehow aligned perfectly for the Patriots that have enabled the team to go on such a dynastic run. It’s one that he says will never happen ever again in the NFL.

The first lucky break was the hiring of Bill Belichick:

“There are four things that will never, ever be aligned like this again,” Cowherd said. “They have the ultimate, brilliant chip-on-the-shoulder head coach. Bill Belichick, living in the shadow of Bill Parcells, has had a chip on his shoulder forever.

“And you know what the chip on the shoulder does for people? It is a lifetime of drive. So the next great head coach happens to be in New England with a massive chip on his shoulder. Doesn’t want to write books, doesn’t want to be on TV, doesn’t want to do press conferences, he’s all football.”

The next break was a chip-on-shoulder quarterback:

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