Colin Cowherd reiterates theory on Patriot’s trades

Yesterday sports radio personality Colin Cowherd released a rather wild conspiracy theory. On his show, he suggested that Bill Belichick traded quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo for next to nothing because of a grudge against team owner Robert Kraft.

The theory goes as follows:

Bill Belichick had wanted to move forward with Jimmy Garoppolo to prove that he could win without Tom Brady. Kraft supposedly got in the way and put an end to that idea which upset Belichick. The coach then when ahead and sabotaged the long-term future of the organization by trading away the two quarterbacks.

Earlier in the season Cowherd also said that Belichick was making these moves to take care of his “friends” in the league and that he would end his coaching career when Brady stepped away from the game as well. The radio host could be blowing smoke or maybe the two are intertwined. Only time will tell but it seems like a far-fetched idea for the moment.