Brady’s friend/trainer Alex Guerrero has team privileges stripped

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has recently revoked many of the team privileges that trainer Alex Guerrero has enjoyed.

Guerrero is known for his relationship with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the TB12 method. Before this week he had been able to ride on the team plane, game day credentials, and was able to work with members of the team organization.

Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe has reported that

Guerrero is now banned from boarding Patriots jets. His sideline access has been revoked. And he no longer is permitted to treat players other than Brady in his exclusie office at Gillette Stadium.

Belichick has declined to comment on the matter leaving the reasoning behind the move to speculation.

Brady was introduced to Guerrero by former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest. The two met at McGinest’s home and the friendship grew from there. Many of the practices that Brady now swears by, come directly from his relationship with Guerrero and the new training and health regimes are what keep Brady performing at a high level, according to Brady.

The drama started in 2015 when many of the Patriots medical staff complained to Belichick about his approach to health and his controversial background. The Federal Trade Commission had sanctioned Guerrero for marketing “Supreme Greens” which he falsely claimed could help reverse the diagnoses of terminally ill patients.

Various media sources have commented on the situation and all have confirmed that the situation has been getting worse. Brady and Belichick have both kept rather quiet on the matter making it difficult to get the full story.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that fans and players would much rather concentrate on winning another Super Bowl than worrying about Brady’s friend.