Packers three keys to victory!

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The Packers are barely hanging on in the playoff picture. They lost a tough one against the Pittsburgh Steelers that might have wrecked their chances at making a Super Bowl run.

But, there’s still hope, and that starts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers have to win this game in order to stay alive in the playoff race. Otherwise, they could potentially find themselves three games behind a wildcard spot if Atlanta or Seattle win on Sunday.

Of course, they can’t control the outcome of Atlanta’s or Seattle’s game, but they can control what they do at home against Tampa Bay.

Here’s what they have to do to win.

Throw, throw, and throw some more

Brett Hundley had a great game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. He went 17-26 for 245 yards and 3 touchdowns against the third-ranked pass defense in the league. In fact, if Mason Crosby hadn’t missed a field goal in the third quarter, the Packers could have won that game. If Hundley did what he did to the Steelers, he should have no problem the worst pass defense in the league: Tampa Bay.

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