Packers might be able to run the table again!

Aaron Rodgers could come back to practice on Saturday! Click here to view the full article!

Okay, hear us out guys.

We know that the Packers have been incredibly depressing lately, and any Super Bowl hopes are fading quickly.

Last year, the Packers were 5-6 at this point of the season as well. When they were 4-6 last season, Aaron Rodgers predicted they would run the table.

A lot of people laughed at the speculation that the Packers could run the table, and even if they could they doubted the Packers could overtake the then first-place Lions.

But, that’s what they did.

Now, that’s what they’ll have to do again in order to have any shot at sneaking into the playoffs. And it is highly possible that they can.

Aaron Rodgers is on pace to come back in Week 15 against the Carolina Panthers. The next two weeks, the Packers play the Buccaneers and the Browns. They play Tampa Bay at home and the Browns in Cleveland.

Both of those games are certainly winnable.

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