Packers could go after Martellus Bennett’s wallet!

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Martellus Bennett may have moved on from Green Bay Packers, but the Packers haven’t moved on from here yet.

They are going after something that will probably hurt him the most: his money.

The Packers want to go after Bennett’s signing bonus, according to Ian Rapoport. It isn’t clear if they will try to get the $6.3 million signing bonus or his $4.2 million prorated portion of the three-year, $21-million contract. Either way, that’s a pretty penny to pay for Bennett.

Bennett was released by the Packers because of a failure to disclose designation. This means they think that he had a torn rotator cuff before signing with the team in March and did not tell anyone.


Bennett took shots at the team and team doctor Pat McKenzie for telling him to play through the injury. However, Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson defended McKenzie and said he is very responsible and cautious with player injuries.

The Packers haven’t filed a grievance against Bennett yet, but they have a month to do so. But, it’s clear that there is bad blood between the team and the former player. So, there’s little doubt that they will do everything they can to get back at him.