Morgan Burnett gives back to the community!

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In a season that has been a bit depressing for Packers’ fans, Morgan Burnett has given us all something to smile about.

He had his wife, Nicole, gave back to the families in Green Bay during Thanksgiving.

During a holiday where people give thanks, the Burnetts gave meals to 100 families in the area, so they have a lot to be thankful for. The event was at the New Community Shelter on Mather Street in Green Bay, where families could game to get a package of food for the special day.

“It went great,” Burnett said. “We didn’t want to just provide a meal for them to eat, but a meal they could take home and enjoy preparing it together. That was important. It’s not just about getting a meal, that’s good, but it’s about the bonding and connection you get with preparing a meal together.’’

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