Fired Green Bay Packer employee rams car into another

Yesterday the police arrested a 20-year-old man who rammed his car into another vehicle and then proceeded to drive through a security gate at Lambeau Field. The incident happened because the suspect had a dispute with a former stadium co-worker.

The police responded to calls of an active shooter at the stadium. The police arrived and arrested the suspect but found no evidence of shots being fired and no weapon.

Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy issued a statement thanking the law enforcement’s response.

The Green Bay Packers express our gratitude to our local law enforcement officials and our security staff for their quick response to the incident today at Lambeau Field, which was resolved safely.

The suspect was fired Dec. 3rd after a physical altercation with another employee. He then proceeded to Green Bay Police Department to file a report about wrongful termination. The suspect then went to the stadium and found the employee with whom he had fought with and rammed the vehicle with his own. The act damaged five other cars and ram through a gate at the loading dock and tried to flee on foot.

The Packers will play the Vikings on Saturday night and the stadium’s operations will continue normally.