Davante Adams recalls a dark time with Aaron Rodgers!

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Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers have not always been best buddies. Adams may be one of Rodgers’ favorite receivers, but there was a time Rodgers asked Adams to be taken off the field.

Adams wrote a story in the Players Tribune about the incident which occurred when he was a rookie in a game against the Minnesota Vikings.

“Aaron called a play, and I knew — man, I just knew — that I wasn’t getting the ball. I was on the post route and Aaron didn’t like to throw the deep ball on that particular play. He always threw it to the intermediate route. A few coaches had even said to me that Aaron had thrown it to the post on that play only three times in his career.”

Adams continued: “After the snap, I was just running my guy off — just clearing him out of the way. Fifteen yards out or something, I looked up at the jumbotron — which I like to do to know where to block without having to turn my head around.

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