Myles Garrett Already Facing Injury During Browns Minicamp

Myles Garrett
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It hasn’t been long since Myles Garrett was drafted as a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, and he’s already facing injuries on the field.

During the Browns’ minicamp practice on Wednesday, Garrett went down with, what appeared to be, a foot injury. Thankfully Garrett didn’t need assistance getting off the field, which coach Hue Jackson took to be a sign that the injury might not have been that serious.

The most recent news from the NFL suggests that Garrett is going to be just “fine.”

This is good news for the Browns, who have been looking to up their defense after last year. They replaced their defensive coordinator Ray Horton after his performance last year and hired on Gregg Williams earlier this year. Williams is a seasoned NFL coach with 15 seasons of experience behind him. He also tends towards more complex, and aggressive defensive maneuvers. Williams requires his teams to put in the effort to learn the plays, so they can execute them effortlessly.

Williams exemplifies the Browns emphasis on defense for the season, and losing a player like Garrett before the season has even started would be a huge blow to their offensive line.

Garrett sustained the injury after extending toward Osweiler and landing on his left foot. One source said, “He immediately went to the ground, kneeling with his head on the ground. Trainers checked him and he limped to the sidelines, where he again had his left foot checked without his shoe.” Garrett was able to get off the field, and back to the locker room on his own.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that this minor setback will hurt him once the season starts. Considering how the Browns defense suffered last year, they need all the help they can get for the upcoming season.