Geno Smith is not happy about losing the starting job

Well, the Geno Smith experiment didn’t last long at all. He got to start one full game after former coach Ben McAdoo decided to bench Eli Manning and go in a different direction. The result? Another loss and while Smith didn’t have a terrible game, he didn’t really do anything that Manning couldn’t do other than add a rushing element to the offense.

Smith took two costly sacks that resulted in fumbles that were recovered by the Raiders defense and lost opportunities at points for the Giants. Would Manning have escaped the sacks or got the ball downfield quicker? Maybe. The point is that Smith was never going to be the next quarterback in New York and to bench Manning for just another loss made a lot of people angry.

The Giants ownership then decided to make a change at general manager and head coach and placed Steve Spagnuolo in charge for the time being. Spagnuolo promptly named Manning the starter, and Smith is not happy about the change.

Any competitor wouldn’t be [happy] to be put in that situation where you get a chance to play, and then you are being pulled. But it’s not because you played bad. So it is, you are trying to figure out why. You have to understand things happen in this business and you got to roll with it.

Spagnuolo knows that Smith doesn’t like the decision but appreciates the way he has continued to work.

I have a great deal of respect for Geno Smith in the way he reacted. He was a man. He obviously didn’t agree with the decision, but he is a team player.

Smith will be a free agent this upcoming season and knows that other opportunities likely will present themselves elsewhere and also knows that he can still play for the Giants, saying that “You never know what could happen”.

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