Eli Manning benched by the Giants

Yesterday the Giants head coach Ben McAdoo broke the news that Eli Manning would not start vs. the Oakland Raiders this week. This benching breaks Manning’s streak of consecutive starts at 210. The Giants offered Manning the start for the first half to keep the streak alive but Manning declined, wanting to protect the integrity of his streak.

The Giants are currently at 2-9 and were eliminated from playoff contention. The season started began with so much optimism and hope, now it has been reduced to pointing fingers and a lack of accountability from the front office, coaching staff, and players.

Manning did have his share of bonehead plays. Every quarterback has a few, but he was not the sole reason the season has gone the way that it has. McAdoo has failed to accept responsibility at times and has been quick to throw his players under the bus. The front office failed to address the issues in the run game and more importantly the offensive line.

No quarterback can succeed when they have pass rushers in their face before they have a chance to go through their reads. Manning was never meant to throw the ball 40 or more times a game. He was at his best when the offensive attack was balanced and he was counted on to be special in key moments, not for 48 minutes every week.

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