Power Rankings: Week 11

24. Cincinnati Bengals

Image via Cincinnati Bengals Twitter

Record: 3-6
Week 10 Ranking: ⬆26

A.J. Green had a nice game, catching five balls for 115 yards and a touchdown. It’s lucky for the Bengals that he wasn’t suspended for his fight with Jalen Ramsey last week. Otherwise, this game would have been a lot worse for the Bengals. A win would have kept them a game behind Buffalo for the last wild card spot. Now, that spot seems far out of reach. –Justin

23. Denver Broncos

Image Denver Broncos Twitter

Record: 3-6
Week 10 Ranking: ⬇22

Well, the change from Trevor Siemian to Brock Osweiler didn’t do much, did it? The Broncos offense continues to struggle and will continue to do so until they get the offensive line sorted out. They could use more talent at the quarterback position but all the talent in the world won’t do much unless you have time to throw. At 3-6 the Broncos season and hope for the playoffs are all but over. –Nick

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