Power Rankings: Week 11

26. New York Jets

Image via New York Jets Twitter

Record: 4-6
Week 10 Ranking: ⬇21

Josh McCown has been pretty solid as a Jet this season. However, he couldn’t get anything done against a hapless Buccaneers team. He had a QBR of 23.8. Every time there seems to hope for the Jets to make a miraculous run at the playoffs, they lose. That’s gotta hurt for the fans. –Justin

25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Image via Tampa Bay Buccaneers Twitter

Record: 3-6
Week 10 Ranking: ⬆29

This was an ugly game for both the Buccaneers and the Jets, but Tampa Bay probably isn’t worried about that. They’d do anything to stop a 5-game skid. Besides Miami, all of the teams the Buccaneers play against in the last weeks of football are above .500. That will be a challenge. –Justin

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