Power Rankings: Week 11

32. Cleveland Browns

Image via Cleveland Browns Twitter

Record: 0-9
Week 10 Ranking: ⬇31

The Browns can’t catch a break this season. This Sunday was probably the best chance they had to win all season. But, the Lions went on a 21-0 run the last 15 minute and 52 seconds of the game. That’s definitely not a recipe for success. As a result, they are the last winless team standing. –Justin

31. New York Giants

Image via San Francisco 49ers Twitter

Record: 1-8
Week 10 Ranking: ⬇30

Ben McAdoo has gone through quite the sophomore slump. After finishing 11-5 last season, McAdoo has lost eight games and the locker room this season. His seat must be giving him third-degree burns by now. In fact, if you do a quick Google search of his name, you’ll find a bunch of articles running him out of town. –Justin

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