Power Rankings: Week 11

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

Image via Pittsburgh Steelers Twitter

Record: 7-2
Week 10 Ranking: ⬇2

Why would the Steelers drop four spots after a win you ask? Barely squeaking by the sorry Indianapolis Colts will do that to you. The Steelers are winning, but something just seems off about this team. Still, the team has a 3-game lead in the division, and their only real challenge the rest of the season is against the Patriots. –Justin

5. New Orleans Saints

Image via New Orleans Saints Twitter

Record: 7-2
Week 10 Ranking: ↔️5

The Saints offense is rolling, and their defense is playing with just as much passion. The result is New Orleans is in position to win their first division crown since 2011. But the team probably has its eye on a far greater goal. Sean Payton and Drew Brees have a shot at their second Super Bowl victory together. –Justin

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