NFL Week 6 Ultimate Highlights

Week 6 was a tough week for several of the better teams in the league. As injuries start to stack up the road only gets tougher and tougher for teams around the league. On Sunday, the Giants celebrated their first win of the season, while the Chiefs had to face defeat for the first time this year. The Packers and Falcons also suffered tough losses at the hands of surprising teams. We can only expect the mess to get even messier over the coming weeks. We’re heading into the middle part of the season. Here’s where we’ll start to see some separation. Or will we?


Eagles vs. Panthers

The Eagles look tougher and tougher each week. This great win over a really good Panthers team is yet another huge boost to Philadelphia’s resume. At least right now, they look like serious playoff contenders.

Here are the full game highlights!

Bears vs. Ravens >>>