The Falcons have the toughest path to playoffs

The Atlanta Falcons have taken their fans on quite the roller coaster ride this season. They have flashed the potential to be like last year’s Super Bowl team offensively and then have disappointed immensely all at the same time.

The good news is that they are still alive in the playoff race. The bad news, they have the toughest path to the playoffs in the NFC. The Falcons have yet to face the New Orleans Saints this season. They will do so on short rest this Thursday in Atlanta.

Atlanta fell out of their wildcard spot when the Seahawks upset the Eagles yesterday on SNF. The rest of the wildcard teams after Seattle include Detriot, Green Bay, and Dallas. Atlanta holds the tiebreaker over these teams but will most likely need to win out to make the playoffs.

The chances of them winning the division are very slim and would require outside help, the chances of them making the wildcard are much larger but will also require the right mix.

The remaining games on the schedule are this Thursday against the Saints, Tampa Bay the week after, Saints again on Christmas Eve, and Carolina on New Year’s Eve. Of their remaining games, only the Bucs have a losing record and the other three games will come within the division against the top two teams.

The Falcons have the talent to win out, the question is whether they will be able to execute enough to do so.