Falcons need to with the NFC South

The Falcons were one of the best teams in the NFL last season. They were 2 quarters away from winning a Super Bowl over the New England Patriots until the famous implosion happened.

This season the Falcons have been a mixed bag. They look good in some games and don’t in others. They are currently sitting at 4-3 and third in the NFC South. The organization is trying to avoid the famous Super Bowl hangover and make another run at the title. With how things are shaping up, the Falcons need to win the NFC South in order to make the playoffs.

There are obviously other ways to make the playoffs but the easiest and least stressful would be winning their division. The Saints are currently leading the division but their defense is suspect. If Brees goes on a cold stretch they could be in trouble. If he does, the Falcons need to be in position to capitalize on it.

Atlanta’s Desmond Trufant says that the Falcons need to take care of business in their division. The Falcons schedule also won’t do them any favors. Outside of their remaining divisional games, the Falcons have to play the Cowboys, Seahawks and, Vikings. Not the easiest schedule in the world which is why they need to be at their best against their divisional opponents.

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