Did the Falcons price out their die hard fans with the new stadium?

Earlier this week Falcons coach Dan Quinn asked his fans to show up and be loud for tonight’s game against the Saints. He mentioned that crowd seems to be quieter this season and would like that to change to help give the team energy and a home-field advantage.

There is a list of reasons why the fans have not been as loud or numerous as they have been in seasons past. The first is that the team is not as good as expected this season. Quinn’s team might not even make the playoffs after going to the Super Bowl last year and blowing a 28-3 lead. It’s hard for fans to get hyped for a mediocre and inconsistent team.

The Falcons are also playing in a brand new state of the art stadium with a lot to do and see other than watch the game. This means there are fewer people in the seats and more people wandering around. This is bound to affect the crowd’s energy level.

With the new stadium also came more expensive tickets and no single game ticket sales. This means that if the average fan wants to go to the game, he/she needs to buy the tickets off of the super inflated ticket resale market. Why pay nearly double face value for a ticket when the team may not win and football isn’t the most pressing necessity in the fan’s life?

Many fans took to Twitter this past week to voice their displeasure and blame Falcons owner Arthur Blank for the mess. They said confirmed that they were priced out of their seats and can’t afford to go to the games. Those who can afford to go are more interested in the stadium than the product on the field.

Check out some of the comments below:

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