Dan Quinn calls out Falcons fans, wants the stadium to be louder

The Atlanta Falcons team and fans have had a roller coaster of a season. The team currently sits at 7-5 and while they are not eliminated from playoff contention, they are facing an uphill battle. The Falcons will likely need to win out to make it back into the postseason. That starts this Thursday against the New Orleans Saints.

The Falcons have a brand new stadium that puts every other venue in the league to shame. What they lack is a true home-field advantage. The team is 3-3 at home this year and the crowd has not been as loud as some would like.

On Tuesday coach Dan Quinn shared a few thoughts on the fans and what he would like to see from them this Thursday and beyond.

We need to make it as loud as we can. If you need an excuse later to be late for work on Friday, let me know, we’ll get that handled for you. Let’s get it turned up on Thursday.

That wasn’t all he had to say. In fact, he went into quite the analogy.

I used the analogy the other day: We built a billion-dollar house, and we need to throw a billion-dollar party. You know, a house-warmer? Sometimes we’re still using the coasters. We need to be as loud and fun as all we represent as a city. I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed. (But) I think there’s (fans) looking at the house, checking it out. Let’s hope this is the (game) that it turns. The home-field advantage is real. We’re calling (for) that from a team to see if we can get that even stronger, louder.

Quinn knows his team’s playoff lives rest largely on tomorrow’s game and that a loud pumped crowd would help his team’s energy levels.

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