Brian Billick says that Falcons’ offense is ‘too basic’

The Falcons offense is not the same as it was last year. That much is obvious to even the most casual fan. Last season, the Falcons lead the NFL with 33.8 points, now they are No. 17 at 21.3 points. Sunday the Falcons offense could only score 17 points.

Sunday’s loss led to a lot of criticism and with good reason. There is no reason that a team as talented as the Falcons should be struggling as much as they are. Brian Billick took exception to the thought that the Falcons should get back to basics.

Base O is too basic. Kyle [Shanahan] used presnap shifts, motions, alignment/angles to create opportunities. No creativity at all this year.

The Falcons are really missing Shanahan right now. He knew how best utilize the talent on the roster and put his players in positions to succeed. That type of presence on the coaching staff is being missed right now. The Falcons aren’t losing because they aren’t talented. They losing because of a lack of execution and solid playcalling.

Currently, the Falcons sit at 4-4 and are sitting in third place in the NFC South. If they’re going to make the playoffs they will probably do so as a wildcard.

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