Skip Bayless has an excuse ready for the game next week!

The Eagles didn’t play on Sunday, but there were plenty of good plays to watch! Click here for the best of the best!

We all know Skip Bayless is paid to be a professional troll.

He hasn’t stopped talking about the Eagles and Carson Wentz, even though the team is balling out right now.

Of course, this is because Bayless is irrationally in love with the Dallas Cowboys. He has been adamantly saying that the Cowboys will beat the Eagles in the NFC East.

That isn’t looking so good for him now.

After losing 27-7 against the Atlanta Falcons, the Cowboys are three games behind the Eagles. If they lose to the Eagles on Sunday, they will be four games back and the Eagles have the tiebreaker.

So, Bayless is making excuses.

He can use this same excuse on Sunday because Lee is likely out for the next two games.

On top of that, he will probably point out Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension, and Tyron Smith’s groin injury if his beloved team blows it.

On the other hand, the Eagles lost their left tackle, middle linebacker, and running back for the season, but keep winning.


Keep making excuses Bayless, and we’ll keep winning.