Brandon Brooks responds to accusations of ‘running up the score’

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Even though the Philadelphia Eagles were beating down the Denver Broncos in the fourth quarter. They were up by 19 points, but they didn’t take their foot off the Broncos throat.

Philadelphia faced a 4th-and-1 halfway through fourth quarter. Despite the score, Foles threw a 35-yard pass to Nelson Agholor that set up a Corey Clement touchdown. The Eagles went on to win the game 51-23.

Does this mean the Eagles were show-boating or running up the score? Brandon Brooks doesn’t think so.

“Coming into this week we were hearing about the No. 2 rush defense and things like that,” Brooks said. “We kind of took it as a personal challenge. We’re going to go out there and impose our will, so when it came to that pass…I wouldn’t say it’s a statement. We’re just playing our offense and guys are getting open and making excellent throws. If it’s there, we’re going to take it.”

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