Kaepernick to the Dolphins? Rumors Heating Up…

Ryan Tannehill injured his knee in practice a few days ago, and the Dolphins fear he will need season-ending surgery, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington. Veteran Matt Moore is the starter for now. Is Kaepernick a possibility?

colin kaepernick dolphins
By Mike Morbeck on Flickr

Kaepernick could be a good fit for the Dolphins. However, Kaepernick has shown for former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the past. This could be a deal breaker in Miami, where a large population of Cuban exiles remains fervently anti-Castro. That is not an issue the team would want to deal with.

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What do you think the Dolphins should do? Would you want Kaepernick on your team?

There are also rumors of Jay Cutler joining the team. See below. What do you want?