L.P. LaDouceur is perfect! At least on the field.

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It’s not every day that a long snapper makes history and headlines, but that’s exactly what L.P. LaDouceur is doing. It’s too bad he’s playing a position that gets no glory when players do well but a lot of blame when they mess up. Talk about being at the bottom of the football food chain.

But despite all of that, LaDouceur plays his position at a level that makes him one of the best who ever played it.

Last week against the Chargers, LaDouceur played his 200th game for the Cowboys. He has never botched a snap for America’s team. He’s a humble guy too. He credited his teammates for his successful career.

“I don’t pay attention to that because there has been some stuff that’s happened like uncatched-balls or blocked field goals,” he said. “I consider those ‘mistakes’. The holder for field goals/extra points helps the snapper if the ball is not perfect.”

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