Jones speaks on Tyron Smith situation!!

The Cowboys suffered a huge loss on Sunday. Did they suffer a huge drop in the power rankings? Click here to find out.

The Cowboys got beat down on Sunday.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. But, having Tyron Smith definitely would have made the game closer. Chaz Green stood no chance against Adrian Clayborn and allowed six sacks. It had us all hoping Smith recovers from the groin injury quickly.

Smith may be valuable to the team, but nobody could have seen Sunday’s performance coming. The Falcons were 18th in the NFL in sacks before they play the Cowboys. While nobody wants Smith to have to play through the pain, playing the Eagles who are eighth in sacks scares us all.

We don’t want to lose Dak Prescott on top of everything else. Prescott was sacked a total of eight times on Sunday. Six of those times came from a player who admits he has one move that kept working.

Needless to say, Jerry Jones wasn’t pleased at all.

“The player is a good player but you’d like to think you could block him more [than that],” Jerry Jones said. “…I’m going to say it one more time, we couldn’t block them tonight.”

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