Dak Prescott gives back to the community!!

Stephen Jones is calling the NFL’s bluff! Click here for the whole story!

Dak Prescott got involved in helping others before he went to team meetings on Tuesday.

The Cowboys’ star is helping Tostitos raise money for the Salvation Army just in time for the holiday season.

“I have such a great platform to reach so many people throughout this country and it’s important for me to use it,” Prescott said.

Dak said he doesn’t have any trouble promoting Tostitos and helping the community while preparing for a huge game at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I focus on whatever I’m doing at that moment,” Prescott said. “Right now my heart and everything is into the Salvation Army and Tostitos and kicking off this campaign. When I finish with this and head to football it will be all ball.”

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