Cowboys three keys to victory!

The Cowboys have had a rough season and might only get one player in the Pro Bowl! Click here to find out who it is!

The Cowboys got a huge win against the Washington Redskins in Week 13! But, they will need to keep it up against another division rival this on Sunday. That’s right, if the Cowboys can’t win at MetLife Stadium, then they are essentially out of the playoff picture.

Last time the Cowboys met the Giants, they beat them pretty easily (19-3) at home. Both teams have had pretty disappointing seasons (more so the Giants than the Cowboys).

New York has fired its general manager and head coach. They also benched Eli Manning and then brought him back.

Still, the Cowboys should not take their foot off the gas pedal just because the Giants seem like a lost cause.

Here’s what they need to do to ensure a win.

Get the run game going early.

This is what they did against the Redskins, and it led to a huge win. Alfred Morris is giving all of his effort and producing results. The Giants are the worst team against the run (probably because their offense can never give them a lead, so opponents run with a lead most of the time). They allow 130.7 yards per game. Morris should be able to put up about that many yards against the Cowboys’ O-line.

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