What Fans Are Saying About Marcus Peters’ Suspension

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Marcus Peters’ notoriety is clearly not just a result of his talent on the football field.

The fiery Chiefs player is well known for his short temper and overall lack of discipline. On Wednesday, after his latest tirade, his actions finally caught up with him and he was suspended for a game by head coach Andy Reid.

It’s the first time that Reid has suspended a player for an entire game in all his time with the Chiefs. However, it’s not unwarranted considering the wild series of event where Peters threw an official’s flag into the stands, then left the field without being ejected during the fourth quarter of the game against the Jets.

No question, however, that the suspension is pretty untimely. The Chief, Raiders, and Chargers are all tied for first in the division at 6-6. If the Chiefs are going to get a win against the Raiders on Sunday, they’ll have to do it without Peters.

As for how the decision is sitting with fans, there are mixed feelings.

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