WATCH: NFL Network Debates Smith or Mahomes

NFL experts from across the country are jumping into the conversation about whether the Chiefs should continue to start Alex Smith or make the move to rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

On Monday, on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, several more analysts engaged in a heated debate about the subject.

The group had split opinions. Peter Schrager said the Chiefs should go with Mahomes because his superior arm strength would open up the downfield throws a little more.

“The definition of insanity is to watch the same thing happen over and over again and not change course,” Schrager said.

Nate Burleson, however, disagreed saying that Smith isn’t the problem, but the playcalling.

“Or the definition of insanity is calling the same plays over and over and expecting different results. At some point we’ve got to talk about the play calling too,” Burelson said.

Burleson also brought up the fact that Mahomes would be thrown into an incredibly difficult and pressure-ridden situation.

“This is Week 12. Do you guys understand what you’re asking for? You’re asking for a guy that hasn’t seen the field since preseason to come in and try to throw,” Burelson said.

Co-host Kyle Brandt weighed in, also saying the Chiefs should opt for Mahomes.

“You’ve got to make a change,” Brandt said. “They’re going to lose this division right in front of their faces because they’re too stubborn to put in a rookie. It’s going to happen.”

Check out the discussions below: