Is it All Over for the Kansas City Chiefs?

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Just a few games into the 2017 season, Chiefs’ fans hopes for their team was sky high. Undefeated and with the most dangerous offense in the NFL, it seemed that no one would stand in the way of Chiefs Kingdom as they marched on to the Super Bowl.

Fast forward to the present and now fans sit in stunned disbelief and utter dismay. The team once nearly penned into the Super Bowl now sits at a dismal 6-6, having lost six of their last seven games, with no sign of change on the horizon.

With too many mistakes, improper attitude, and too much lack of direction, the Chiefs sit on the brink of watching their season slip away completely.

Is this it for Kansas City?

Now that reality has not only set in, but has been ground into the face loss after loss, it’s much easier to see that the Chiefs just aren’t’ that good of a team. Yes, there is talent, yes there is good coaching, but it’s all disappeared as of late.

Not only are the Chiefs’ hopes of winning the division slipping away, but so are their chances of even just making the playoffs. Over the last three weeks, they’ve lost to the Giants, Bills, and Jets. That’s pretty despicable.

Despite seeing Alex Smith throw for over 350 yards and four touchdowns and Tyreek Hill racking up over 150 receiving yards, the Chiefs’ defense still found a way to lose the game.

It’s a familiar story. Either one side of the ball or the other loses its cool and disappears when it’s most needed.


Unless something drastic happens, it seems the Chiefs are headed for total disaster. First came the death of Kareem Hunt’s rookie wonder year, next came the passing of fans’ hopes to see Patrick Mahomes, now we’re at the edge of the grave for the Chiefs’ season.

Any words of remembrance?

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