Chiefs OC Says It’s Impossible to Know if Patrick Mahomes is Game Ready

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The Patrick Mahomes-Alex Smith debate continues to rage on even as the Chiefs make final preparations for the New York Jets.

Fans and NFL experts alike debate whether Mahomes would be an improvement over Smith and if the rookie could reverse the woes of the struggling Chiefs.

One huge question, however, is if Mahomes is even ready to play on Sundays. How much has he progressed over the course of the season?

According to Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy, it’s impossible to tell.

During a Thursday press conference. Nagy was asked if there’s any way to measure Mahomes’ readiness.

“There’s no real way to tell that until he’s put out there in that situation,” Nagy said, per “One way you do watch is you get to see some of the things that he does in practice and that he did in training camp. But again, going into this training camp we had no idea as a rookie him coming in how he was going to fare in training camp. You just really don’t know that answer until that happens.”

It’s an important consideration considering how much of a raw prospect Mahomes was coming out of Texas Tech. Obviously, the Chiefs system is much more complex than his college one, and he wouldn’t be able to get away with such a high degree of improvisational play.

Before the year began, Kansas City GM Brett Veach was blunt, saying that Mahomes wasn’t even close to Smith in terms of the mental aspect of being an NFL quarterback.

Still, a continually growing mass of fans are calling for Mahomes to get out on the field. It would rather test the young rookie despite him possibly not being ready than endure what they consider mediocre or even poor play from Alex Smith.

As of right now, it’s still very unclear whether they’ll get that chance.

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