Andy Reid on Chiefs’ Struggles: “This isn’t an Alex Smith Thing.”

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Although the struggling Kansas City offense centers around quarterback Alex Smith, head coach Andy Reid is adamant that Smith isn’t the main problem.

“I think it’s not just Alex,” Reid said Wednesday, via the team’s official website. “I think people do that, and I told you that I’ve got to get better at doing my part. Each position has got to do better. This is a team game and so everybody has a piece of the pie. You’re bringing it to Alex [Smith]. I’m bringing it to all of us doing a better job. Alex is part of the team so he’s included in that. But it’s surely not just one person.”

The Chiefs offense has been but a shadow of the one that started the season as the most explosive in the league and the main reason for a 5-0 start.

In the last six games, the Chiefs have gone 1-5, scoring about 15 points a game. That’s more than half of their 32.8 points per game during the first five contests.

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