Johnny Manziel, The Coach?!!!

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So, Johnny Football wants to coach…?

That’s what he said in an interview yesterday. He stated that if he is unable to return to the NFL, he still wants to remain in sports. Preferably as a coach. Do you think he’s qualified?!!!

Manziel, attending the International Football Betting Conference in Costa Rica, was asked what he would do if he isn’t able to resume his NFL playing career.

“I’d do something involved with sports. I can’t get away from it,” he said at the conference. “I’ve had to ask myself that a little bit as of late over the past year, but at the same time I’d want to be involved in sports in some way, whether it’s coaching, whether it’s doing something like that. So I think that’d be my route.”

Manziel, 24, was a coach at an Elite 11 quarterback camp in Miami in February actually. He said he’d prefer to coach in college. Obviously there’s no way he’d get a head coaching gig in the NFL.

He expanded:

“I look back right now and think about how big of just a kid I was. And a lot of regrets I have, especially with my second year in college, not treating it kind of the way [I did] my first year,” he said.


So, would you want to play for Manziel?

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