Von Miller supports Vance Joseph

For a few weeks rumors were swirling that the Broncos had a split locker room. There were also comments from both Von Miller and Chris Harris Jr. fuel those rumors. The defense was obviously fed up with the offense’s performance and was tired of carrying the team.

The rumors grew to players giving up on him. Von Miller took a moment to refute those rumors.

It’s a tough situation for all of us, not just the head coach. It’s just a tough situation. Losing in the National Football League is just not good. That’s what it’s all about. You can do anything you want—you can do whatever you want to do between Monday and Saturday, but if you go out there and win, you’re doing something right. If you’re not winning, you’re doing something wrong. My point of view on everything, ‘V.J.’ has been phenomenal. The record truly doesn’t say the type of coaching and the type of team that we have. V.J. has been completely, 100 percent phenomenal with me, all of the guys in the locker room and with the coaches. Our coaches have been phenomenal. We have the best of the best coaches. We come out here, we practice and we string together three great weeks of practices in a row. Our chefs, our field guys and our trainers are all first class and are all phenomenal. But it doesn’t equal wins. We have to figure that part out so we can enjoy all of this other stuff and really take advantage of where we are in time right now—where we are in our careers. Year 7, I don’t want to have a losing season in my prime. I don’t want to have a team score 51 points on us. It’s a tough situation that we all feel. When we’re stepping out there, doing everything in our powers to win games—it’s a tough league, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. We have the formula for it to work for us, we just have to continue to push. It’ll happen for us.

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