Vance Joseph isn’t sure if Lynch will play in 2017

The Denver Broncos quarterback situation has been a mess this season. Trevor Siemian regressed as the season went on and Brock Osweiler was unable to provide much of a spark for the faltering offense.

The blame can’t be placed solely on those who are throwing the ball, however. The offensive line, mostly the right side, has played terribly. No matter who is in at quarterback, they face constant pressure from opposing defense’s pass rushers.

Many have wondered aloud why Paxton Lynch has not been given a chance since he is now practicing and healthy.

When head coach, Vance Joseph announced¬†that Osweiler would be the starter for Week 11 he also said that he’s “not sure” if Lynch will play this season. He also said that he’s still recovering from the shoulder injury and hasn’t been able to make every throw in practice.

Health wise, he’s still recovering from his shoulder. I think it’s going to be almost two weeks now coming to this week of practice and we will see where he’s at. He’s still recovering from his shoulder injury. He’s still throwing intermediate passes, not really deep passes yet. We want to make sure he’s totally healthy before he plays again. That timeframe I’m not sure when it’s going to come.

It was also speculated that once the Broncos are eliminated from playoff contention they will turn to Lynch and see what he can bring to the table. That now seems more unlikely after Joseph revealed that he has yet to begin practicing the deep ball. There also are doubts that Lynch will be able to provide much of a spark because of how terrible the offensive line has played.

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